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dramatic turn this evening. that is our big story. good evening. gunfire erupted and a car chase ensued as agents tried to serve the warrant. kerrey has an active force. >> 40 federal agents and baltimore city police officers were serving when one of the defendants tried to resist. >> we just heard gunfire. we all ran. did not want to catch a stray bullet. >> agents pursued the suspects.
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dozens of and police officers -- dozens of agents and police officers were in pursuit when something triggered a suspect. >> we saw this truck come flying on to the street and every bolted. >> i was crying. that is my baby. >> the officer cried the white suv into a pole across the street. several suspects were injured, along with one privilege of. crime scene tape encircled the scene while agents investigated. >> that is the silver lining -- nose straight bullet. >> the operation tonight included the atf version of a swat team. there is no word on what the
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suspects were charged with. but they were able to track down and arrest everyone that they were looking for. >> be the first to know when breaking news happens. it is time for our -- sign up for our free breaking news alerts. police are looking for suspects after a series of attempted arson is. they all involve molotov cocktails. the homemade bombs were thrown into three homes within blocks of each other between 1:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. saturday. in each case, the fires were put out quickly and no one was hurt. but that has not eased the concerns of residents. >> i think it is horrible. it is a bad thing. >> it is scary because it is so close to where i live. >> investigators believe that
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the incidences are connected to similar incidents is back in september. baltimore county police are looking for a man who robbed a 7-eleven at gunpoint. it happened at 11:30 a.m. this morning. investigators are looking for a white man in his early-20's. there is no word on how much cash he got away with. police are looking for this man in connection with the murder in a restaurant and cornelius johnson shot and killed andrew johnson in the parking lot of mo's seafood restaurant. cornelius johnson is now facing first-degree murder charges. police are hoping the new photographs and a hefty reward will help close a deadly hit and run case. back in august, the driver of a nissan pathfinder hit and killed jim shriver on oakwood road. he was helping a disabled
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vehicle of the time. ted's towing, where the victim worked, is offering a reward. they hope it will move someone to come forward with information. >> it has really been harder on the family and with us at ted's. we think about it every single day on the road. >> anyone with information is asked to call 1-866-7-lock up. caught red handed wearing a wire tape conversations. they were reported trying to hide thousands of dollars in cash and one huge check. >> jack and leslie johnson pled guilty to charges of evidence and witness tampering. the phone conversation between
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them was recorded on november 12, just as federal agents were preparing to enter their prince george county home. the comet -- the conversations between jack johnson and his wife leslie. >> i do not know who they are. they are banging on the door. >> you can hear the banging in the background. they are frantic to find $100,000 check written as a bribe. it was in the box of liquor. >> yes. >> what do you want me to do with a check? do you hear them banging? >> terrail up. >> it is the fbi, jack. -- tear it up. >> it is the fbi, jack. >> is, i know. >> do you want me to flush it? >> yes, flush it appeared >> the
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conversation quickly turns to what leslie johnson used to do with nearly $80,000 in cash. >> do you have the cash? >> yes. what you want me to do with this money? they are banging. >> put it in your panties and just walk out. >> no, all this cash, jack. >> just put it in your pennies. >> ok. -- into your panties. >> ok. >> then you hear the agents break into the house. leslie johnson is caught red handed. >> dear me! >> is there anyone else in the house? >> no. >> sentencing for jack and leslie johnson is scheduled for december. leslie johnson resigned from her council seat back in june. council members are asking her
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to face a year in prison. jack johnson is facing up to 50 years in prison. >> accused pedophile gary sandusky is speaking out. it is the first time we're hearing from him since his arrest. in an interview, he claims he is no profile. >> mr. sandusky, there is a 40- count indictment. the grand jury report has specific detail. there are abusers and white -- and i witnesses to the alleged abuse. for there is this much smoke, there must be plenty of fire. what do you say? >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i could say that i have done some of those things. i have horse around with kids. i have showered after workouts.
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i have hugged them and i have touched their played without intent of sexual contact. >> sandusky has pled not guilty. the judge to set bail for the former assistant coach donated to an organization and is a volunteer. she has no comment about the case and had nothing to say about the organization where all of the victims are members. >> if i was this a judge, there would be more conditions placed on the. >> the judge said sandusky's bail at $100,000. meanwhile, the president of second mile resigned today. that organization has also hired
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a lawyer. the president of the -- archbishop timothy dolan says that the case has opened a wound. another memory last night by a republican candidate, this time by herman cain who was once the leading gop contender. >> do you agree with president obama on libya or not? >> president obama. -- president obama supported the uprising, correct? >> he says that he had four hours of sleep. >> again, cain said that they had only four hours of sleep.
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his slump has brought up a job for newt gingrich. the former house speaker is up four points among republican voters. local familyr from a who was forced to postpone a funeral because their loved ones casket never showed up. >> one nickle for a kid and that is all we are asking for from the city. a bottle tax of a nickel to request when you put it like that, 5 cents does not sound like much. but here house some feel that rise in the bottle tax in baltimore would be devastating. >> a cold front had their way. we're on the warm side of that front. it is 70 degrees in downtown baltimore.
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>> the proposed a bottle tax has been stalled. it was not voted on tonight's -- voted on in tonight's meeting. it was expected to generate $1.2 million. >> one nickle for a kid and that is all we are asking for from the city. a bottle tax of a nickel that will do over two $0.8 million worth of work in over 10 years. >> you need to have won broad conversation and then talk about the priorities and what are the possible options. >> the funeral plans were set. a grieving family prepared to say goodbye to a community activist. but something went terribly wrong. the casket they bought was never
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delivered. tonight, they turned to us for some answers. barry sims investigates. >> a bouquet of flowers marks her mother's grave. johnson was responsible for carrying out her mother's final wishes. emotions were wrong. she was vulnerable and one decision about the funeral still leaves her better. >> you have your loved one sitting there. my mom had ordered her plans. so i do not know what else to say. >> devastating because her mother's funeral had to be postponed three weeks. lauretta reynolds johnson passed away in june after a long illness. she was the major work of the family and community activist. a $5,000 burial policy was all
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the family had. to keep costs down, johnson went on line tour web site called it claimed to be a dealer of caskets. she picked out of this pink model for $15 -- for $1,500. >> by mother was a cancer patient. pink was the color she wanted. >> she wired the money to a company affiliated with the web site. she was assured that the pink casket would get to the the funeral home with plenty of time. it never arrived. >> i was floored. >> for mother's funeral had to be postponed. >> he sounded so concerned and really interested in helping us out. >> johnson's cousin tried to intervene with casketsite owne. >> i asked him if the cast would
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be here on time. he said yes. it would be shipped overnight. >> but then she called -- but then he called back for another $600 for shipping and handling. she sent more money but still no casket. >> he wanted 400 sammie $5 more. that was the shipping and handling fee -- $405 more. that was the shipping and handling fee. >> but you already paid back pead. >> -- pay that fee. >> weeks went by and things were still not worked out. johnson eventually purchased a casket from someone else. >> the casket i brought to him was blue and that was devastating. she never did like blue. >> she says that they refuse to give her her money back and will not take her calls. >> we took a closer look at the
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website. it says it is associated with a funeral home in colorado. mountain high is a licensed funeral home, but it is probably not what you would expect. it is inside an office in this building that houses several companies. we spoke with the property owners as "no dead body has ever been in. the place"-- in the place." we found that the owner lives in this multimillion-dollar property in florida. we reached him by phone. >> they never got the casket and that is why i am calling. >> he says he deals with many families and was not aware with the problem with diana johnson's order. he says he will have to make an order -- make a note -- make a note of it. we never heard from him again. a spokeswoman says that we do not have any affiliation with
11:18 pm >> it is always hard to deal with an on-line company. >> while most people have no problems shopping on-line -- >> if you prepay, there's nothing to protect you from the honor -- to protect you but the honor of the businessman who you hope is ethical. >> do you think you will get your money back? >> i am hoping. but, yes, i do believe. >> the johnson family has filed complaints with the federal trade commission and the offices in marylands general and and florida. an online purchase of an urn was
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also never received. >> it has not been your typical 14th day of november in baltimore, weatherwise. it is much warmer than normal. the official numbers are registered at bwi marshall. the record low on the other end of the scale is 18 degrees. that is cold, in 1986. around the region, it is unseasonably mild with a normal high of 57 degrees. even these late evening to voters are running 30 degrees above the normal high for the day. -- evening temperatures are
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running 30 degrees above and -- running 13 degrees above the normal high for the day. the self westerly breeze is that 6 miles per hour to 12 m.p.h. there are severe thunderstorms underneath this cloud band from new york to the southern plains. lots of rotation with the thunderstorms trekking through the ohio valley. they expect to get weaker tomorrow and push off the coast. behind it is a deep temperature drop that will come our way for the second half of this week. slicing through our region tomorrow with some scattered showers. it will keep it a little cooler tomorrow. on wednesday, it will be much cooler. rain is likely to track through with the that cooler air.
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it will clear out here. but the western maryland mountains may actually catch some snow. they will go from unusually warm to a little bit of snow in the mountains before the week is over. hear, for baltimore, the transition begins tomorrow. a small craft advisory for the morning hours. western maryland catches some showers more. that will drop the to retrieve it. it will get cooler on wednesday into thursday. on the eastern shore tomorrow, 60's with some scattered showers. 50's on wednesday and thursday. on the coast, it will be in the low-70 cost more. -- low-70's tomorrow. the rain should cut off thursday morning with some clearing. we will see some sunshine on friday, but only a high of 49 degrees. there's only a slight chance for a shower on sunday. >> it looks like a pattern as
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the ravens follow-up of big wins with bad losses. what we see is not really there. we hear from the head coach himself. >> tonight multi match a jackpot has an estimated annuity of $675,000. your numbers for this monday, november 14 are -- 17, 10, 15, 3, 14, and43. -- and 43. if no one matches the numbers, the multi matched jackpot climbs to $700,000. for the latest news and numbers,
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>> the pattern seems pretty
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clear. the ravens get emotionally and intensely ready. wins over the jets and press against the steelers shows that. they have followed those with losses. it is a pattern we can say, just not understand. the focus required to take care of the ball was not there for david reeves on sunday. ray rice averaged 45 yards per carry, but only carry the ball five times. then we saw the defense allowed a drive. the pattern we see, he says, does not exist. >> every game stands up on its own two feet. the comparison that people want to draw between the three games, you can draw about all you want. that is all hypothetical, theoretical stuff. when you know football, you
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understand that the schemes uc, the situations you face are different in every single game. >> art jones responded on twitter. jones later apologized, explaining how frustrated he was. and now from our tax poll question of the day. would you think is more a fault ofverot text puoll question the day. who do you think is more at fault? matt sha suffered a foot injury, a bad one. he will be out for at least a while, wearing a boot. one reporter on espn says he is done for the season.
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the university of maryland athletic department must cut back. country, indoor and outdoor track, one men's swimming -- men's swimming and diving, women's swimming and diving, and women's water polo. in college hoops, it was a rough start for the telson owsend tigers. still having fun. a little bit sloppy taking care of the ball. the wolverines get out on the break. they never recovered from the
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black jack cole pin 64-47 is the final peri. >> stay with us. tom has a seven-day forecast after this.
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>> so far, we have been doing really well in november.
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>> it is unusually warm and now. >> a lousy september. >> making up for it. scattered showers through the afternoon could temperatures will begin to fall tomorrow evening. low-50's on thursday with showers in the morning. highs only in the 40's on friday. let's get this season turned back in the right direction with some good football weather on sunday. >> i am not over yesterday's game. >> that is a look at our news. thank you so much for joining us. good night. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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